Millennium milestones not backed by action #infographic

Millennium milestones not backed by action #infographi

While millennials (adults aged 18-34) want to finish many of the same traditional life stones as older counterparts, they are waiting for savings and instead focusing on other economic objectives, a million-dollar (MDRT) study undertaken in April by Harris Poll, an association of top financial experts.

Although they claim to have a retirement at an average age of 62, which is lower than the expectations of older generations (45-54 years of age, 66 years of age, 55-64 years of age, 65 years of age and 65 years of age and over 73 years of age), only 22% of the thousand-year-olds say they are now saving for retirement.

More focus is put on other priorities in financial planning, such as travel, higher education, or buying or renovating a house. With 91% of millennia claiming that they don't even have an financial retirement plan, one of the most significant priorities is probably on the path. When thousands of individuals were questioned in the next five years about their priorities.

Millennium milestones not backed by action #infographic
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