How Failed 6 Famous Millionaires Before Success #infographic

How Failed 6 Famous Millionaires Before Success #infographic

There have been thousands of well-known errors throughout history. People struggled with the push-and-pull produced by this burning desire to succeed even before history was recorded. This is more than just survival. Survival is part of our DNA— it's part of the very fabric that makes us who we are.

However, people were made not only to survive; we were developed to thrive. We have flourished about 200,000 years ago since the earliest days of our species. With the beautiful invention of language, we have been able to expand our knowledge, improve our technology and significantly improve our quality of life.

Indeed, most life failures have been endured by the most productive and well-known people in the world. They've failed continuously. But they also got up. They weren't throwing in the proverbial towel. They weren't quitting or leading the ropes. They were standing up and going on. And that's just what it takes to succeed.

How Failed 6 Famous Millionaires Before Success #infographic


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