A Time Legend: Flappy Bird #infographic

A Time Legend: Flappy Bird #infographic
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Williams scrapped all the written Flappy Bird app reviews before the game was released in iTunes, giving more than 68,000 written reviews for a database; and he was kind enough to share a CSV file with Mashable. By using the app, when we began to gain momentum, its ratings, and the overall feel of the user, we were able to look for trends.

Some critics accuse Nguyen of using shady methods to help Flappy Bird climb app carts, including purchasing or paying for fake reviews. Purely effective is the play. However, after looking at the information matched when Bird started building word-of-mouth mozzle, we can not discover any indication of inaccurate reviews or ratings.

The fact that Flappy Bird wasn't a fraud— but a spectacle that came naturally from none of them— is just amazing about his triumph and his withdrawal from the App Store.

A Time Legend: Flappy Bird #infographic

infographic by: www.startapp.com/infographics

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